Creative Talents was established in October of 2006 with five of the same shareholders and is based in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

This is a wholesale trade, focusing on home décor. Most of the stock items are designed in house and manufactured abroad along with the other high quality items Designer Choice stocks.

Designer Choice has a vast range of home décor items which range from wall clocks to photo frames and canvas screens. These stock items are regularly rotated, revamped and renewed. We started with a small client base, stocking Creative Talents’ Gift & Décor Shops and have grown to an active client base of 2000. We have a total of 6 employees and 6 reps, who introduce our produce to the market with the help of our online shopping website and the annual SARCDA shows.


The need for dependable supply of products of constantly high quality has led to upstream expansion by:

  • Contracting dedicated manufacturers, who supply paints and other chemicals of consistent quality for re-packing under the Creative Talents brand name
  • Establishing its own in house manufacturing facilities of wooden blanks and further possibilities are under investigation
  • Contracting small manufacturers (often individuals from the previously disadvantaged community) to manufacture small ranges of products (such as establishments for scrap bookers and costume jewellery accessories) which are then sold under the CT label; and imported multiple ranges of craft accessories, that are packaged under the Creative Talents brand. Many of these items are designed in house and are sent off for manufacturing abroad.


The need for downstream expansion into the distribution of finished craft products was identified seven years ago. This was confirmed by regular clients who expressed the need for their finished products and is in line with a trend that has gained considerable ground in the more upmarket malls in metropolitan shopping areas. A crafters’ market was started at the Creative Talents premises in Vereeniging, at which crafters can rent small stalls, racks and even shelves to display their wares. These crafters are now self-made Entrepreneurs and with the help of the crafters’ market staff who handle all sales and administration on their behalf are given the necessary exposure. The floor space had to be doubled within a year and there after three other Gift & décor shops were opened in Bellville, Krugersdorp and Boksburg. The strict product range and quality control is exercised to ensure that the market maintains its upmarket image.

In order to supplement and expand the ranges of products sold at the Crafters’ Market, a variety of finished products are handpicked during the regular overseas visits to suppliers. Regular enquiries from visiting retailers to the markets have indicated that the wholesale distribution of these products into growing South African market is not only feasible, but a necessity.

After a thorough feasibility study the management of Creative Talents is confident that the distribution of these products countrywide can be undertaken with the same confidence about success as the other expansions embarked upon a date:

  • Creative Talents has both the expertise and the infrastructure to conduct a business which is complementary to its current operations;
  • A major portion of its current distributors (7 branches and 120 agencies) will also be able to distribute the new range of products, which in itself will assure the viability of the project;
  • The business is in an ideal position to anticipate and meet the demands of trends in consumer tastes (insofar as they relate to craft raw materials and finished products) through the sales of the various categories of crafts products country wide;
  • Creative Talents will be able to supply the market with a sufficiently wide range of products, (both as to variety and price), in the view of its well established worldwide supplier network.

In view of the expected size of the business, it will be conducted by a separate business entity and accordingly steps have been taken to register a new CC. We are pleased to introduce you to our latest venture Designers Choice