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DIY Tree Decorations Letters – Project One

DIY Tree Decorations Letters – Project One

Starting today we will be uploading daily tutorials for DIY Christmas Tree Decorations all in a black and white theme. Quick and easy ways to personalise your tree with our breaking the bank.

We will be uploading the tutorials over the course of a few days. Showing one project at a time we will ultimately show you how to create an inexpensive contemporary tree for your home.

Craft Paint Black 50ml – R14.00
Craft Glue 100ml – R20.00
Black Glitter – R12.00
Wooden Flamenco Letters – R4.00 each
Ribbon (Zebra) – R2.00 p/meter
White Paper (Any kind)
Glue Gun
Crafters Knife
Paint Brush

Be sure to check out the tutorials to follow and see how our black and white DIY Christmas Decorations turn out


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