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Head Office | Vereeniging | Crafters Warehouse

Head Office | Vereeniging | Crafters Warehouse

The crafters Warehouse is the home for our stock and was moved to Factory no 6 in 2001 to house the ever growing range of stock items. Recently we even added a second level for out floor space has reached its limits.

Our Agents and other clients stand in amazement on the cast range we carry. The agents serviced by the Crafters Warehouse per month range for 50 to 80. We recieve their orders via email or fax and the order can be compiled within days to be dispatched.

All our branches are also supplied from the Crafters Warehouse. Each branch has their own picker to service their stock needs and get send out by our team of scanners.
Crafters Market with Cherry on the Top Coffee Shop

The Crafters Market is home to our own brand of coffee shops

The Coffee Shop in the Vereeniging Crafters Market was established in 2005 and managed by outside owners. With three consecutive owners and many changes we decided to attempt managing it on our own after the success we had with our coffee shop in belville. We revamped and re-opened in October 2012.