Multi Media Art – Hanging Hearts

Multi Media Art – Hanging Hearts

Create with Our CLEAR PRIMER

Their are loads of different techniques and tips in this video. How to Transfer a Picture on wood and lots more!

You’ll Need:

A3 Deco Print (Vintage writing & roses)

Wood Heart 32mm

Wood Heart 80x125x16mm

Wood Heart 70x110x16mm

50ml French Collection LeBlanc nr.1

50ml French Collection Fabuleux nr.6

50ml French Collection Embué nr.12

Clear Primer 300ml

Crystal Clear Spry Varnish

Silver Leaf

Dot Art Stencil (Asian Flower)

Different Rope Thicknesses

Glue sticks x2

Glue Gun

Hooks x3

Rubber roller

Wood grainer

Nr.12 Nylon Brush

INSTRUCTIONS on Project: Hanging Hearts

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