Paper Art – Succulent Frame

Paper Art – Succulent Frame

Create beautiful Succulents out of paper with the help of this video…

These paper crafting techniques can be translated to various different flower types.

You’ll Need:

Off Shape Frame with Chicken Wire

Blessing Laser Cut Word

Cardstock Bright Pink – 7cm x 7cm, 10cm x 10cm

Teal – 15cm x 15cm

Moss Green – 30cm x 15cm

Light Green – 30cm x 15cm

Light Lilac – 30cm x 15cm

Flower Templates



Jute Rope

Small Spray bottle with water

Glue gun


Printed Sentiment of your choice

Small Wooden Peg

No.52 Fabric Paint

No.1 Craft Paint

Round Brush of Dry brushing

INSTRUCTIONS on Project: Succulent Notes Frame – Paper Craft

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