Creative Talents Chalkpaint Brush

Chalk Paint & Wax Brush On our last product scouting trip abroad, we found a Paint Brush Manufacturer. We worked hand in hand with their manufacturing team to design and create our own Chalk Paint Brush. This brush was uniquely designed to use with our Creative Chalk Paint Collection. The natural bristles are great for… Continue Reading

DIY Tree Decorations Letters – Project One

Starting today we will be uploading daily tutorials for DIY Christmas Tree Decorations all in a black and white theme. Quick and easy ways to personalise your tree with our breaking the bank. We will be uploading the tutorials over the course of a few days. Showing one project at a time we will ultimately… Continue Reading

Head Office | Vereeniging | Crafters Warehouse

The crafters Warehouse is the home for our stock and was moved to Factory no 6 in 2001 to house the ever growing range of stock items. Recently we even added a second level for out floor space has reached its limits. Our Agents and other clients stand in amazement on the cast range we… Continue Reading