How to become an Agent

If you are currently a Craftshop owner or considering stocking craft products or you are planning to start up your own Craft business, Creative Talents can assist you with the following:

a) Creative Talents is a one stop craft supplier, supplying a large variety of craft products such as:

  • Wooden Blanks and Laser cut outs.
  • Decoupage Paper and Rollers.
  • Metal Foil and tools.
  • Chalk Paint.
  • Scrapbooking goodies.
  • Resin and Chipboard.
  • Mosaic and tools.
  • Craft Paints and Brushes.
  • French Collection Paints and Misty Sprays.
  • Fabric Paints and prints.
  • Mediums such as: Texture Paint, Moulding Paste, Gel medium ,Deco Podge, Fabric Serviette Podge, Tokreen, Craft Glue, Rusting ….

b) We can provide the following services:

  • Free shop lay-out.
  • Shop furnishing that is proven and cost effective.
  • Recommended computer systems.
  • Expertise of Creative Talents management and staff.
  • Training in the use of all our products.
  • Open line for telephone support.

c) Due to the popularity and great demand of our products, Creative Talents appoints agents all over the country to sell these products from their own stores. Creative Talents is also a registered brand name and accredited factories supply our quality products in accordance with the formula developed in consultation with competent chemists and entrepreneurs. We are also a major importer of craft products with agents sourcing our products overseas. Our own buyers also visit the major expos overseas to source new contacts and products to make available in our shops and to our agents.

d) All agents trade under their own name. In order to qualify as an agent, you need to complete an application form. A minimum purchase of R5000.00 will secure your traders discount. All orders must be fully settled prior to delivery.


For further enquiries feel free to contact us:

Mandi Leech – E-mail: or phone 016 427 1030

Cape Town Only
Herman Du Plessis – E-mail: or phone 021 949 0608

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